About Us – The Team Behind Mudder Guide

Mudder Guide Team

You want to know who are the crazy German people behind Mudder Guide?

Here you go 😉

The founders of Mudder Guide


Michael (10x Tough Mudder)

My name is Michael (29), and I take care of most texts and content here and I’m also responsible for the team coordination.

As a proud owner of the black Tough Mudder headband, I have a vision best described with these three goals:

  1. It doesn’t matter which question about Tough Mudder you have – our guide shall give you the perfect answer!
  2. It doesn’t matter how unathletic you are – if you really want to participate in a Tough Mudder, we’ll do our best to make you ready!
  3. Mudder Guide is not only an information platform – it’s also here for your entertainment!

I’m very impatient, so for me actually reaching these goals can’t go fast enough!

That’s why, when I work on our website, I never really see the actual version. In my mind I’m always at least half a year ahead.

What a pity when you have to content yourself with the actual version of Mudder Guide 😉

If you feel like our guide is lacking some important info or that I can probably help you, just !


Basti in action with his After Mudder Beer :)
Basti (3x Tough Mudder)

My name is Basti (28) and I take care of the technical issues surrounding Mudder Guide and I’m also responsible for the fun around here 😉

I like to play a little soccer now and then, but I’m not a typical athlete.

Luckily, Michael once convinced me to register for Tough Mudder anyway and with solid preparation and a little peer pressure, I managed to conquer my first Tough Mudder . 🙂

Now I’m a passionate Mudder and can hardly wait for the 2016 Tough Mudder season and all its crazy new obstacles.

If the website should ever get stuck in the mud or if you have a suggestion, !

Our amazing helpers


Andi (10x Tough Mudder)

Andi (28) has skinny arms like a boy , but he is the absolute running crack in our team! 😀

In 2015, he earned his black Tough Mudder headband. He’s also been responsible for quite a few highlights!

If he’s not crawling through mud, he’s doing stuff like marathon, teaching Spinning®, M.A.X.® and T.R.X.® courses.

He can’t live without sports and new challenges – can’t really call it passion anymore… more like insanity I guess… 😉

All in all, we’re proud to have an “Ultimate Mudder” like Andi on our team – although he still fails horribly at Funky Monkey 2.0 😀


Mudder Guide SvenSven (27) was one of our first Mudder Guide fans and we’re totally happy that he is now part of our crazy team! 🙂

He’s an absolute all rounder and able to competewith the best endurance ald also strength athletes!

In 2016, he’ll help us to conquer all the Tough Mudder events in Europe and he can’t wait to have the black Tough Mudder headband as well.

He earns his living as a media designer, and we think this was a good choice – thanks to him, the design of Mudder Guide has improved massively.


Mudder Guide ViolaViola (26) was also “only” a Mudder Guide Facebook fan before she joined our little self-help group 😉

She really is at home in the world: She spent a year in an american high school, finished her master’s degree in England and has traveled to quite a few countries – so if it comes down to find the right vocabulary, she’s our life saver 😉

Apart from her present 5 Tough Mudder participations (of course, she’ll earn her black Tough Mudder headband in 2016), Viola has always been very fond of the more “girly” sort of activities such as motocross and martial arts – we’ll see what we have let ourselves in for… 😀

For her living, she creates online campaigns for big companies – can’t be wrong for Mudder Guide, can it?

You also want to support Mudder Guide?

As you can see, Mudder Guide is no “closed system” – it’s a project from Mudders for Mudders!

Apart from the introduced crew, we’re in touch with a lot of other Mudders, who support us with info, pictures and much more.

You want to help, too?

We’re always looking for:

  • Mudders who check out texts for anything that sounds too “German”
  • Mudders who want to report about their Tough Mudder events
  • Mudders who have a lot of friends in the US or in the UK/Ireland and who’re are willing to promote us
  • Mudders with good video editing skills
  • Mudders with an own blog who want to write about Mudder Guide
  • Mudders with press contacts
  • Mudders who can help us with anything that makes Mudder Guide better
  • Mudders who want to help us with stuff like researches, etc.

As you see, there’s plenty to do for everybody! 😀

If you are interested in helping out, please .

Thanks a lot!

Your Mudder Guide Team

The money issue and the thing about morals

Have you ever created such a big website as Mudder Guide? It takes a lot of work. Before implementing, we had already invested more than 500 hours. We almost thought, we would never finish.

Nonetheless, effort alone wasn’t enough. Even though we did almost everything our self, we had to invest a four-digit amount to get the site ready.

There will be a lot more costs in the future, for example for shooting the training guide videos we will release later this year. At that point, we won’t even mention the work hours we will put in.

it's just the beginning
it’s just the beginning – there are many great things to come

Now, we’re generous guys, but you hopefully understand that we don’t want to have wasted this money – especially, since we don’t know of any big inheritances coming our way.

Of course, we could spam you with banners and pop-ups, like most sites do, but you’d probably like that as little as we do.

Alternatively, we could require you to pay a lot of money for a megalomaniacal training program, but that’s not our style either.

We want to cover our costs with partner programs. When you see a link with a star (*) somewhere, this means that we get a little provision from Amazon, etc. if you click the link and buy something.

For you, this makes no difference – the product won’t be more expensive.

You probably ordered from a lot of affiliate links like this. Most sites just don’t make it transparent. We want to be the good example that changes this!

We guarantee: A star doesn’t just indicate an affiliate link, it also indicates quality. When we recommend a product somewhere in our guide or our Mudder Stuff, it’s because we’re convinced that it’s the best product for the job.

This way we can add value and manage our costs without having to spam you with classic advertising. Genius, isn’t it?

Of course, it’d be great if you truly purchase the products we recommend by using our links and not let jealousy trick you into searching for the items by hand. Some people actually do that.

Then, you would honor our work and help Mudder Guide create more awesome products in the future. Thank you in advance for that!

Tough enough for muddy whispers?!

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