Mudder Guide – The Ultimate Tough Mudder Guide

Ultimate Tough Mudder Guide

Our Ultimate Tough Mudder Guide contains more than 20,000 words of concentrated Mudder knowledge!

You can read it from beginning to end or dive directly into the for you relevant chapter. Alternatively, you can use the search function to find tags and keywords.

Here is a short overview:

Chapter 1: Tough Enough?

Tough enough for Tough Mudder?

1.1 What is Tough Mudder?

1.2 Is Tough Mudder for Women?

1.3 Tough Mudder Costs & Discounts

1.4 Tough Mudder Facs & Trivia

Chapter 2: Training & Preparation

Tough Mudder Training & Preparation

2.1 Tough Mudder Obstacles – The Ultimate Guide

2.2 Tough Mudder Training & Preparation – Tips for Your Workout

2.3 Tough Mudder Team Preparation


Here you find our ultimate Tough Mudder training program for free – “Unleash the Mudder within you!”

Chapter 3: Tough Mudder Equipment Guide

Tough Mudder Equipment Guide

3.1 Tough Mudder Shoes – The Best Shoes for Obstacle Races

3.2 Tough Mudder Gear – The Best Gear for Obstacle Races

3.3 Tough Mudder Gloves – The Best Mud Gloves for Obstacle Races

3.4 Crazy Tough Mudder Costumes & Team Shirts

3.5 Cleaning Your Gear After Tough Mudder

Chapter 4: Tough Mudder & GoPro

Tough Mudder & GoPro

4.1 Which GoPro Model for Tough Mudder?

4.2 GoPro Accessories for Tough Mudder

4.3 Your Tough Mudder Video – Tips for Recording & Editing

Chapter 5: Before the Start & Organizational Stuff

Tough Mudder Organisational Stuff

5.1 The Right Nutrition Before Tough Mudder & Injury Prevention

5.2 Tough Mudder Organizational Questions

5.3 Tough Mudder Check List

Tough enough for muddy whispers?!

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