GoPro: Editing your Tough Mudder video

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Editing software

Recording Tough Mudder with a GoPro is a good idea, but only half of the process. Your raw material will hardly thrill anyone.

Therefore, you should edit the scenes with a good program and cut them together.

GoPro Studio

The cheapest and most beginner friendly solution is the GoPro Studio that comes with your GoPro. Those of you that lost the CD can download the program here:

GoPro Studio download

If you need help learning how to use the software, watch this short video:

The solution for Mac users: iMovie

You’re a Mac user? Than you should think about using the free Mac standard software iMovie. Its usability is as intuitive as with any other Mac program, and you should be able to learn it quickly.

If you want to edit your Tough Mudder video together with your buddies who aren’t Mac users, though, you should go with the GoPro Studio.

For professionals

You’re a video editing pro and want to create the ultimate video? Then you probably already know that there’s only one program for you: Adobe Premier, maybe paired with a dose of Adobe After Effects.

We’d be happy to get a with the link to your final Tough Mudder video.

Music for your Video

For a good video, you need background music. As long as you only want to show the video in the privacy of your home, there’s not a lot to watch for. Simply use music from your MP3 collection.

For public videos, for example if you’re planning to upload the movie to YouTube, there are a couple things you have to consider.

Legally, you’re not allowed to use copyrighted music. Since that covers every commercially released song, 99.9% of your MP3 collection are off the table.

Luckily, YouTube is prepared for this. They provide many free songs you pimp your Tough Mudder movie with.

GoPro: Choose your background music carefully.
With cool background music your Tough Mudder video is sure to become a hit.

If you’re planning to publish your movie elsewhere, or if you’re looking for inspiration, check the Free Music Archive out.

At this site, you can find audio clips that are published with the Creative Commons License and can be used in your video as longs you mention the artist.

Make sure to check which form of the Creative Common License is used, as some restrict the use for commercial purposes. All of these details are clearly written on each song’s page.

Now you’re good to go four your Tough Mudder video!

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