GoPro: General recording tips for Tough Mudder

- Mudder Guide: Chapter 4.6 -

Over the previous chapters, we gave you tips on how to record your Tough Mudder with a GoPro. Most of these tips were pretty technical.

In this chapter, we give you general tips, even though we might touched on the one or the other during technical topics.

Focus on what’s important

You probably know a few people that come back from vacations and show everyone thousands of meaningless pictures of hotel rooms, food, trees, etc. Nobody wants to see that.

To avoid the same mistake and save battery, only record sequences that are worth showing. Focus on the obstacles. Record running scenes sporadically, for example when you pass groups in crazy costumes, or start and finish.

Tough Mudder: the participants have to overcome a lot of mud
If you capture running scenes be sure to get the spectacular ones

Mix it up!

To make sure that all of your team members get recorded, pass the GoPro around in your team.

While you’re crawling through a pipe, first-person perspective looks extremely cool. During obstacles such as ARCTIC ENEMA, HANGING TOUGH, or CAGE CRAWL, on the other hand, you’ll get better results by letting a team mate that’s walking next to the obstacle record you.

In the end, you should have a good mix. Try a few perspectives, and you’ll have a good video.

Speech quality

In spite of its protective casing, the GoPro can record speech pretty well. Nonetheless, you’ll only record speech before the start, when the helpers pump the contestants up.

During editing, you’ll use background music anyway. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about speech quality at all.

What’s better than a GoPro? More GoPros!

Don’t allow your team to cheap out! You’ll have a much cooler video if you use at least two GoPros. You’ll be able to use the GoPro for many things outside Tough Mudder, so this is money well spent.

After our first Tough Mudder, we’d have been happy to have followed this rule. Concerning the battery, one GoPro is simple too much to handle.

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