GoPro: The right memory card for Tough Mudder

- Mudder Guide: Chapter 4.4 -

Size matters…

When choosing your memory card, there are a couple of things to watch for.

First of all, you need enough space to record the entire Tough Mudder madness. With our recommended all-round setting of 1080p and 30fps, you can record almost four hours of film on a 32 GB SD-card. That’s easily enough for one race. Before you could fill that memory card, you’d have drowned your battery.

To not always have to cut and paste your files to your notebook immediately, you could also opt for 64 GB, the safe alternative.

…and so does technology!

When choosing the right memory card, size isn’t everything.

Flash cards have speed-classes that indicate how fast they can read and write data. Make sure to choose a card with at least class 10.

If your card is too slow, your camera might crash and your video material might be damaged.

Which models are suitable?

Stay away from cheap Chines models. When choosing a memory card, quality matters. It’ll make sure that the read and write speeds that are printed on the box match the real speeds.

We from MUDDER GUIDE and the guys from GoPro both recommend models from SanDisk and Lexar. You can order them on Amazon with these links*:





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