GoPro: The right mount for Tough Mudder

- Mudder Guide: Chapter 4.5 -

Maybe you’ve seen a few Tough Mudder Videos on YouTube and asked yourself how these videos have been recorded or where the camera was mounted.

There are many different mounts, for example for your car, but only 3 you can use during a Tough Mudder: The chest strap, the head strap, and the pole.

Failed the reality test: The chest strap

Let’s just admit it: The chest strap isn’t made for a Tough Mudder.

While running, your body will twist and move up and down. A video shot under these conditions will make you sea sick. Your arms will permanently wave in the picture, which will cause dirty thoughts and drive the viewer crazy.*


Additionally, your GoPro would get in the way when you crawl through an obstacle and face the ground. The chest strap* has no use for Tough Mudder. Don’t waste the money.

The clear winner: The head strap

We recommend using the head strap. While running, the head strap records the up and down movement, but the rotating movement will affect the camera much less.

Therefore, the video seems dynamic, not completely drunk. Since so many mudders wear the head strap, you won’t stand out.

You can easily take the head strap off for when you run or pass the camera to team member. This will make sure that all team members are in your movie.*


The GoPro will sound a signal when it’s switched on and off. Nonetheless, you should always let a member of your team check if the camera is currently recording. Otherwise, just one wrong push of a button could have fatal consequences.

Also, let them check whether the camera is set in a good angle and the casing is clean in the lens area.

We’ve made great videos using the head strap and can recommend it wholeheartedly. On Amazon, you can find it here:

GoPro head strap*

An useful addition: The telescopic pole mount

The pole mount looks a little bit like a baton you can extract to about a yard. That enormous range will enable you to use perspective playfully. Especially shots from up high look pretty cool.

In your team, the pole is perfect to pass the camera along. Thanks to the hand loop, you can easily attach the GoPro to your clothes with a snap hook or let it dangle from your wrist on climbing obstacles. It won’t bother you at all.*


If you plan on taking only one mount with you, the pole isn’t the best solution, though.

During running, the pole is ill-suited for recording. Even at most obstacles both of your hands are busy, and you need another team member to handle the pole for you.

In our opinion, the pole is a useful addition that can help you get good shots. You shouldn’t use it as your only mount, though. For that job, the head strap is the best solution.

On Amazon, you can order the pole here:

GoPro telescopic pole mount*

Practice makes perfect

Whether you choose the head strap and/or the pole, you need to test both mounts intensively. Details can make the difference.

You’ll quickly get a feeling for how to get good results and how to adapt to different situations. Tough Mudder isn’t the place to try new equipment. You should be experienced with your GoPro.

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