GoPro: Ultimate short synopsis

- Mudder Guide: Chapter 4.8 -

You don’t want to fight through every single chapter? Then here’s the ultimate short synopsis for you.

Everything straight to the point – which GoPro model and which settings work best for Tough Mudder, which additional equipment you need, and what else you should consider:

  1. As long as you need the GoPro mainly for Tough Mudder, get the GoPro Hero 4 Silver Edition*. If you already have the GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition, the upgrade isn’t worth the money. Should filming be your passion, get the GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition*.
  2. Record using either a video resolution of 1080p (16:9/TV format) or, for editing professionals, 1440p (4:3 format, 16:9 after editing). Higher resolutions don’t work for Tough Mudder. Use a refresh rate of 30fps.
  3. You definitely need an extra battery*, even if you only record the obstacles. During the race, switch off the GoPro’s WiFi.
  4. Get one of the high end class 10 memory cards from SanDisk* or Lexar* with 32 or 64 GB.
  5. The chest strap is the wrong mount for Tough Mudder. The head strap* will give you the best results. The pole mount* is an useful addition.
  6. To make sure all your team members are in your video, pass the GoPro around. Alternate between shots in first-person perspective and shots from outside. A good mix is important. To get an even cooler result, use at least two GoPros in your team.
  7. For beginners, GoPro Studio or iMovie (for Mac users) are free and capable video editing programs. Professionals swear on Adobe Premiere.
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