Is Tough Mudder for women?

- Mudder Guide: Chapter 1.3 -

Only guys do that!

Many women ask themselves whether Tough Mudder is a men’s world and whether they’d be able to master all obstacles.

Thousands of female mudders prove again and again that Tough Mudder is indeed a good fit for the beautiful gender.

At some events the share of women is as high as 50 percent. We’re talking normal women here, sometimes even petite women, and not Russian shot-putters.

There are even entire female groups that show the men how to crawl through mud elegantly, survive electro shocks, and take punishment with a smile.

Tough Mudder: After they crossed the finish line, a group of girls is still smiling
Women rule everything at Tough Mudder – even men

But I’m not as strong as a man…

Most women aren’t worried about a lack of conditioning, but a lack of strength.

There’s nothing to worry about, though. At most obstacles, you only have to lift your own weight. And even if you’ll get into trouble, there’ll be plenty of strong men waiting to heroically push you up or help you over the obstacle.

At Tough Mudder, everybody helps everybody, which means you can compensate a lack of strength more easily than a lack of conditioning.

Everybody helps each other, especially if you are female
Tough Mudder: If necessary, you will get help at the obstacles

We from Mudder Guide encourage all athletic women to not only cheer at the sideline but jump in the dirt. On our site, we present general training tips and special training tips for women.

Follow these tips, and you’ll be ready for Tough Mudder – regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman.

Your participation will also help the men: Beautiful women make the male ego run faster. Don’t worry, though – when you master each obstacle easily, the heaps of testosterone around you won’t bother you at all.

A lot of beautiful women start at Tough Mudder
These girls look perfect, even after Tough Mudder

Come on girls, go for it!

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