Is Tough Mudder right for me?

- Mudder Guide: Chapter 1.2 -

Only for team players

Mudders who are trying to achieve a new personal best haven’t understood what Tough Mudder is about and better stay away from it.

At Tough Mudder, nobody will take your time and there’s no ranking. Mudders aren’t running against each other, they’re running with each other. Your only opponent is your weaker self, and the other mudders will help you beat it.

Anybody that reaches the finish line alive and conquered all challenges is a winner – regardless of how long it took him. Tough Mudder isn’t for lone wolfs, it’s for team players. Without team work, you’re nothing!

Tough Mudder stands for teamwork
Teamwork is everything at Tough Mudder. Everybody helps everybody!

How athletic do I have to be for Tough Mudder?

Now, don’t think Tough Mudder is just for fun – nothing could be further from the truth. Without serious preparation you’ll fail horribly.

Signing up for Tough Mudder means agreeing to choose working out over the comfortable couch at least a few times.

If discipline isn’t your strong suite, maybe preparing as a team is better for you. Training together is more fun anyway.

By the way: Tough Mudder is neither for run maniacs nor meat heads. It’s for all-rounders.

While a little conditioning won’t hurt you, some courses offer very little terrain suitable for jogging. You’ll be walking uphill and downhill, and you’ll be thigh-deep in mud.

Nonetheless – meat heads should do some running workouts. After all, you can’t walk 12 miles on your arms.

Tough Mudder: the participants break sweat during the run
Tough Mudder: If it isn’t muddy, you have to go uphill or downhill.

Can Tough Mudder give me the necessary kick?

If you’re somewhat athletic and unsure whether Tough Mudder can give you the kick you need, rest assured that strength and conditioning are only half of what you need.

Some obstacles will be tough on all mudders, and at some points you have to conquer fear – the fear of heights or electro shocks for example. Tough Mudder isn’t just a race, it’s an experience.

Anybody who’s been a part of Tough Mudder will search the athletic challenge again and again. It’s almost like an addiction. You can’t get that experience anywhere else.

Mudder Legends get a special reward: Depending on how many Tough Mudders you’ve been a part of, you get a differently colored finisher head band. The black head band is the highest reward: You get it for at least ten completed Tough Mudders.

Tough Mudder: finishers get headbands in different colors depending on the number of participations
The head band indicates how many Tough Mudders you’ve completed.

Still not sure whether Tough Mudder is right for you?

You’re still not sure whether Tough Mudder is right for you?

Don’t worry. We from Mudder Guide have a check list for you. If you agree with one of these statements, Tough Mudder isn’t right for you:

  1. You’re wondering how to carry the soap to wash your hands after each obstacle.
  2. You think Tough Mudder is much too risky and that it’s healthier to sit on your couch all day.
  3. You think the obstacles are pretty cool but don’t want to wait in line because of the other mudders.
  4. You think that a competition without a winner isn’t a competition.
  5. It bothers you that any athletic activity has to be made into a big event.
  6. You think that the starting fee should include at least a guarantee for sunshine.
  7. You think you could never make it through the electro shocks without protesting for human rights.
  8. Dry feet are the most important thing in your life.
  9. You think people in funny costumes shouldn’t be allowed to start.
  10. You think if you would’ve wanted to crawl through mud, you could’ve enlisted.

You agree with none of these statements? Then what are you waiting for? Get started!

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