Tough Mudder: After party & accommodation

- Mudder Guide: Chapter 5.6 -

At night, mudders go crazy!

Real mudders aren’t just athletic, they also know how to party!

The legendary after arty will give you plenty opportunity to prove you fit right in. You’ll meet nice people that share your passion, and there’s neither a shortage in good mood nor in alcohol.

If you can make it, definitively join the after party. Admission is included in your registration fee.

Tough Mudder: Mudders join the after party
After the run, mudders rev up one more time at the after party

Where can I sleep?

Especially mudders with a long drive home or those who had more than one beer, should pitch a tent and sleep right at the location if possible.

That will save you a lot of money and give you the opportunity to enjoy the last hours of the perfect day together with other mudders.

If you prefer a bed over a sleeping bag, you should search and book a hotel or hostel early. In our event calendar, we’ve linked you the best offers.

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