Tough Mudder: Arrival & Parking

- Mudder Guide: Chapter 5.1 -

When should I get there?

Tough Mudder will tell you your exact starting time one week before the event. The organization team will try to get you the starting time you want, but they obviously can’t guarantee that.

If you’ve been assigned a starting time you can’t possibly make, the organization team will try to find a solution. They almost always do, so don’t worry about this part.

Your last info email will tell you to arrive at the location about one hour before you start. Follow this advice.

Tough Mudder: Factor in some time for traffic.
To avoid nasty surprises on your way to Tough Mudder, leave early!

You have to park, check in, and get your number written onto your forehead; you need to get dressed, leave your clothes at the cloakroom, and probably pee; you want to take part in the collective warm up 20 minutes prior to the start, etc.

Hit the road early, and factor in some time for bad traffic. After all, you want to attack Tough Mudder relaxed. Having to rush and being spend before you attack the first obstacle helps no one.

Tough Mudder: Last preparations before the start
Before the start, a volunteer writes your start number on your forehead

How’s parking?

Usually, there’s plenty of fee-based parking at Tough Mudder. There are plenty of stewards that will show you the usually short way to the main location. Alternatively, you can simply follow the noise and the crazy people in their colorful costumes.

There are a few VIP parking spaces, too. In our opinion, however, they’re unnecessary. For people that are about to do a 12-miles run, the few yards from the car to the start shouldn’t be a problem.

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