Before the Start & Organizational Stuff

GoPro Accessories for Tough Mudder

Thanks to our training tips and our “Unleash the Mudder within you!” training program you’re in excellent physical and mental condition, you acquired the gear we recommended, and you’re ready for the heroic battle?


Now we can focus on organizing your Tough Mudder and everything that goes with it. Here’s a short synopsis on what you can expect of the next chapters.

5.1 The Right Nutrition Before Tough Mudder & Injury Prevention

Tough Mudder Nutrition & Injury prevention

After you worked hard to prepare for the big event, you’ll need good nutrition to use your potential well.

We tell you what you should eat in the last 24 hours before the run and what you should stay away from.

Additional to that, we tell you how to prevent injuries.

5.2 Tough Mudder Organizational Questions

Tough Mudder Organizational Questions

Here we answer you all the organizational questions which Mudders usually ask themselves a few days before their run.

5.3 Tough Mudder Check List

Tough Mudder Check List

To make sure you don’t forget something important, here’s an extremely useful check list with everything you need for Tough Mudder!

Print it out and tick your Tough Mudder stuff thoroughly off 😉

Tough enough for muddy whispers?!

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