Tough Mudder Check List

Tough Mudder Check List

To make sure you don’t forget anything, here’s a checklist with the most important things you’ll need for Tough Mudder. We hope, we didn’t forget anything.

For your convenience you can also download the Tough Mudder Check List.

For your run

Running shoes
Running shorts
Running shirt
Sweat suit (before the run)
Mud gloves
Your last Tough Mudder headband
Tape (if required)
Swimming trunks / bikini bottom
Sports bra
Running socks
Warrior paint
Old contact lenses (if required)

Other important stuff

Ticket & parking ticket
Participants waiver
ID / driving license
Health insurance card
Cash for cloakroom & food
Spare clothes
Party outfit for After Party (if desired)
Flip flops
Plastic bags for dirty clothes
Blanket for the car
Bananas & power bars/granola bars

For recording Tough Mudder with your GoPro

Waterproof casing
Head strap mount (recommended)
Pole mount (if desired)
Chest mount (if desired)
Cross tip screwdriver (for mount)
Charged battery
Charged battery bacpac
Empty memory card
Charger (for 2-day trips)

For camping & overnight stay

Hotel documents
Camping ticket
Sleeping bag
Self-inflating bag
Camping mat
Earplugs (if desired)
Medicine (if required)
Sleeping clothes
Additional spare clothes
Power banks (USB charger)
Enough food & drinks
Plates & cutlery
Cool bag
Dish detergent & towel
Toilet paper
Insect repellent
Pain relieving gel

For Tough Mudder abroad

Flight ticket (check in online timely!)
Read terms & conditions regarding luggage accurately
Passport (if required)
Booking a rental car with navigation
Train ticket (if desired)

Credit card
Health insurance documents for abroad
Booking special international charges of your cellphone provider
Exchange money
National flag 🙂

Tough Mudder Gear for Men

Tough Mudder Gear for Women

Tough enough for muddy whispers?!

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