Cleaning Your Gear After Tough Mudder

Cleaning your gear after Tough Mudder

I’ll never be able to clean that…

Prior to our first Tough Mudder, we often read that running shoes and running gear were done after one race. That’s complete nonsense!

Of course, if you start the race in normal running shoes, you shouldn’t be surprised that that’s not what they’re made for.

If you follow our tips and use the equipment we recommend, however, you’ll be able to use your equipment for many Tough Mudders to come!

Tough Mudder Gear for Men

Tough Mudder Gear for Women

Washing instructions: How to get your Tough Mudder shoes and Tough Mudder gear clean after the run!

Tough Mudder washing instructions

Step 1: Limit the damage!

Running gear plastic bag

After Tough Mudder, put both your running shoes and your running gear in a plastic bag to keep your sports bag and car from getting dirty.

Step 2: Coarse cleaning

Soak the Tough Mudder gear in a bathtub

On the next day, beat the running shoes and the Tough Mudder gear outside to remove the coarse dirt.

After that, soak them in a bathtub with lukewarm water. Add some shampoo to regeain the natural acid-base balance – sounds impressive, doesn’t it? 😉

Step 3: Washing


Before putting all your stuff into the washer, read our instructions:

  1. Don’t put the Tough Mudder shoes in the washer without any protection. Put them into a cloth bag!
  2. Wash everything on a cold setting!
  3. Softener is a no-go as well as laundry detergent. Both damage the microfibers of your sports clothes!
  4. Instead of softener and laundry detergent, use a special detergent for sports gear!

Soak the running gear in a bathtubBy the way, that’s not just a rule for Tough Mudder, but in general: Sportswear needs to be washed gently!

You can find some special detergent for sports gear at Amazon:

Special detergent for sports gear*

We use the same, and we’re absolutely satisfied with the results.

For each wash cycle, you need only one cup of detergent. Buying a 250ml bottle (8oz.) will keep you covered for quite a while.

Step 4: Drying


Keep your Tough Mudder gear away from the dryer and the flatiron!

If you follow our advice and buy quick-drying running gear, it’ll be dry in a few minutes anyway.

Apart from this, sports gear doesn’t crease, so ironing would only be a waste of time.

Very important:

Keep your Tough Mudder gear away from the dryer and the flatiron!


Shoes after washing
The picture shows Michael’s All Terrain Super 1.0 after six Tough Mudders – even the shoelaces are still neon yellow!

Follow these tips from us “house men”, and your equipment will be as good as new.

For your next Tough Mudder, you will be easily be able to wear it again!

If you have the comfort of having your mum or your partner wash your clothes, it wouldn’t hurt to print these instructions for them 😉

Tough Mudder Washing Instructions as PDF

Tough Mudder Gear for Men

Tough Mudder Gear for Women

Tough enough for muddy whispers?!

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