Cleaning of the running gear after Tough Mudder

- Mudder Guide: Chapter 3.5 -

I’ll never be able to clean that…

Prior to our first Tough Mudder, we often read that running shoes and running gear were done after one race. That’s complete nonsense!

Of course, if you start the race in normal running shoes, you shouldn’t be surprised that that’s not what they’re made for.

If you follow our tips and use the equipment we recommend, however, you’ll be able to use your equipment for many Tough Mudders to come.

Tough Mudder: the right equipment is half the battle
Ordinary runnig shoes won’t get you far. Tough Mudder calls for special equipment.

After the race, you should stow your shoes and your running gear in plastic bags. Otherwise, you’ll ruin your car and/or your bag.

The next day, knock of the roughest dirt. Since all your gear has been in contact with dirt water all day, let it soak in the bathtub for a few hours (throw in some shampoo). That will help reset the natural acid base relation.

Can I throw everything in the washer now?

After you’ve let your gear soak, you can throw it into the washer. Be careful, though, there are a few things to watch for!

Don’t throw your shoes in just like that. Put them in a tote bag. Wash everything on cold. Fabric softener is a no-go.

Instead of washing powder, use a special detergent for sports clothes. It will treat high-tech materials such as microfiber more cautiously and therefore keep your gear breathable, water-repellent, etc.

That’s not just a rule for Tough Mudder, but in general: Sportswear needs to be washed gently.

For each wash cycle, only use one cup of detergent. Buying a 250ml bottle (8 oz.) will keep you covered for quite a while. We recommend using this detergent:

Detergent for sport clothes*

After you’ve washed everything, hang your clothes up to dry. Never put your running gear and your running shoes into the drier. They don’t belong there! It would only destroy their functionality.

Follow these tips from us “housemen”, and your equipment will be as good as new. For your next Tough Mudder, you’ll easily be able to wear it again.

If you have the luxury of having your mum or your partner wash your clothes, it wouldn’t hurt to print this guide for her.

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