Tough Mudder: Dressing room & showers

- Mudder Guide: Chapter 5.3 -

Don’t be afraid of a cold shower

At the Tough Mudder location, you’ll find a cloakroom, dressing rooms, and showers. Don’t expect too much, though: Everything’s very basic.

Since Tough Mudder isn’t for people who are scared of cold water anyway, the showers spare you the unnecessary decadence of warm water. After ARCTIC ENEMA the cold water will feel pretty warm anyway.

Don’t forget your flip-flops! Usually, the area around the showers is pretty muddy, and, although mudders share everything, there’s no need to share athletes foot.

The moment, when your running gear weighs two pounds…

After you’re finished, you gear will be so muddy, you’ll doubt you’ll ever get it cleaned. Therefore, we recommend bringing enough plastic bags to stow your gear and your shoes.

Tough Mudder is a dirty affair
You and your gear will definitely need a shower after Tough Mudder

On the drive home, maybe you should place blanket on your car seats.

Even showering won’t help you get rid of all the mud. Even days later, you’ll probably find mud in your ears. It’ll help you cherish the event even more.

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