Tough Mudder Equipment Guide

Tough Mudder Equipment Guide

You decided to accept the challenge and become a part of Tough Mudder?

Then you need the equipment that can handle dirt and ice water, massive amounts of mud, and the meanest of all obstacles.

In this section, we provide you with a guide for buying equipment.

We only recommend the gear we used and liked.

Here’s a short synopsis of what you can expect:

Tough Mudder Shoes – The Best Shoes for Obstacle Races

Shoes for Tough Mudder & Obstacle Runs

Normal running shoes won’t get you far.

We tell you what you need to consider to find the right pair of shoes, and present you with two models that are ideal for Tough Mudder.

Tough Mudder Gear – The Best Gear for Obstacle Races

Clothes for Tough Mudder & Obstacle Runs

In this section, we deal with the right running shirts, shorts, underwear, and socks. In the end, you’ll be perfectly equipped from head to toe.

Tough Mudder Gloves – The Best Mud Gloves for Obstacle Races

Gloves for Tough Mudder & Obstacle Runs

Mud Gloves can make your life a lot easier. We tell you what you need to know, and how to prepare them.

Crazy Tough Mudder Costumes & Team Shirts

Costumes & Team Shirts for Tough Mudder

If you’d rather show your crazy side than dress functional, costumes and team shirts are the way to go. We give you a few ideas on what you can do.

Cleaning Your Gear After Tough Mudder

Cleaning your clothes after Tough Mudder

Since your gear won’t be cheap, you want to keep it as longs as possible. If you buy high-quality equipment and follow our cleaning tips, your gear will be as good as new.

Tough enough for muddy whispers?!

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