Gloves for Tough Mudder

- Mudder Guide: Chapter 3.3 -

Mud Gloves – A blessing or a curse?

One thing first: This topic is highly controversial. Personally, we swear on wearing Mud Gloves. We believe they make your life a whole lot easier. Some people, however, wouldn’t wear gloves if their lives depended on it.

The basic question is: What’s worse? Suffering in agony because you have to pull yourself up a steel rope and your hands are killing you, or taking your gloves off half way through the race because you think you can do without them?

In our opinion, obstacles such as FUNKY MONKEY, HANGIN TOUGH, or JUST THE TIP are far easier to master while wearing gloves that provide additional grip.

Wearing gloves will also be more comfortable when you’re crawling through mud or ducts. They protect you from injuries and splinters.

We recommend this model, which is comfortable, provides good grip, and can be re-used after washing:

Gloves for Tough Mudder
Tough gloves for Tough Mudder. What more do you want?*

Whether you want to wear gloves or not is your decision. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Do I need to prepare my gloves?

Cut the fingertips off your gloves; ideally, shortly before your finger joints (somewhat like bicycle gloves). It will allow more air to get to your hands, and for you to have better control and therefore better grip.

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