GoPro: Battery life

- Mudder Guide: Chapter 4.3 -

You need an extra battery!

As great as the GoPro might be, the battery can easily drive you insane. Many mudders have had to make the devastating experience that the battery will only last for about half the race.

To avoid a similar disaster, there are a couple things to watch for.

The video resolution you use directly impacts your battery life. Nonetheless: Even with perfect settings and if you use the camera only for a few obstacles, you’ll run into problems.

GoPro’s information on battery life aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on, and switching the camera on and off often drains the battery even more. As many mudders can tell you, without a second battery*, you’re screwed.

GoPro Battery BacPac
The GoPro Battery BacPac saves you a lot of trouble*

While BacPacs are compatible with all GoPro models, you can only use the case with the GoPro Hero 3+ and higher. If you have an older edition you need to get an extra case. It is not advisable to buy the predecessor BacPacs because the new ones got up to 15% more power. So the better option is to buy a new case in addtion to your extra battery.

How can I save battery?

Even with a second battery, you’re not completely on the safe site. Make sure to completely charge the main battery and the second battery.

Also, understand that nobody wants to watch you running through the middle of nowhere for 1.5 hours. Therefore, only record your runs sporadically. Focus on the obstacles, which will be the highlights you can use when editing your material.

During the race, make sure to switch off the GoPro’s Wi-Fi. This will save a lot of battery.

Ideally, multiple members of your team will use a GoPro. Don’t waste battery recording the same thing, though. Alternate intelligently. That will give you the best results and keep you on the safe site with your battery.

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