Making your body tough for Tough Mudder

- Mudder Guide: Chapter 2.2 -

A unique challenge for your body

Even for trained athletes, Tough Mudder is a new challenge. Not only does your body have to handle the athletic stress, it constantly has to adapt to new conditions.

Especially repeatedly jumping into cold water can be tricky. When you’ve just climbed out of the ice water of ARTIC ENEMA and your lungs are about to burst, you should focus on getting dry quickly and not losing too much body heat.

In low temperatures, this might not be that easy.

Tough Mudder: Faces full of fear are common at ARCTIC ENEMA
ARCTIC ENEMA’s ice water will almost burst your lungs

In a separate chapter, we from Mudder Guide will present you with specialized running shoes that are perfect for Tough Mudder and similar obstacle courses.

Even though this equipment will help you dry up significantly faster than regular sport apparel, one fact remains: Your body constantly has to adapt to new conditions.

How do I make my body tough enough for Tough Mudder?

While preparing for Tough Mudder, you should make sure to regularly challenge your body with changing temperatures. Showering cold or alternating between cold and warm water can help you prepare.

If you’re afraid of cold water, at least regularly go to the sauna. Make good use of the cold water pool, it’s the perfect preparation for the ARCTIC ENEMA.

Tough Mudder: Prepare for ARCTIC ENEMA by showering cold or alternating between cold and warm water
Preparing for the ARCTIC ENEMA: Wanna take a cold shower?

You can also get tough during your run training: Go running for half an hour when it’s raining cats and dogs. Take off your wet cloths and take a hot shower when you’re finished, and you won’t get sick.

During your runs, use large puddles and mud as opportunities to prepare for Tough Mudder: Run straight through them, not around them.

Don’t mind running through knee-deep water in full gear, even if people will think you’re weird. After that, wet feet won’t stop you at any obstacle course.

If you buy good running shoes, which are specifically designed for Tough Mudder and similar races, your feet will dry up quickly.

Tough Mudder: Bad weather is no excuse for skipping practice
Running through large puddles is a great preparation for Tough Mudder

Remember, mudders aren’t pussies!

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