Tough Mudder as a spectator

- Mudder Guide: Chapter 5.7 -

Since our training tips will get everyone ready for Tough Mudder, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start yourself.

On the other hand, every mudder loves someone to keep him company and cheer him on. Therefore, spectators aren’t second-class participants, they’re an important part of the event.

The most important question of many spectators is whether they can see the individual obstacles.

Just like every mudder receives a map of the course about one week prior to the event via email, so do the spectators. This map offers a special route for visitors that shows you which obstacles you’ll be able to see.

In most cases, you can watch the first and the last obstacles, which are a big part of the race.

Of course, you can’t be a part of all obstacles. Otherwise, you’d have to walk the entire 12-mile course yourself. To catch all obstacles, you either have to take part yourself or recapture the action on video.

Tough Mudder: After the run, drinks and foods await you
Away from the course, the atmosphere is very casual

At the end of the day, Tough Mudder is also a great experience for spectators, especially if you can cheer on your buddies or your partner.

Obstacles and location offer plenty opportunities to pass the time. If you want to support your loved ones or simply take in the atmosphere without running yourself, a spectator ticket is a much better idea than spending the day watching TV.

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