Team building for companies & clubs

- Mudder Guide: Chapter 1.4 -

Many companies and clubs pay a lot of money for team building events, where they build a raft or something similar.

Although we don’t want to discredit these events, in the long term we’re skeptical that half a day of fiddling with sticks can improve your team spirit.

In our opinion, Tough Mudder has far more potential. As this video shows, many companies have already recognized this fact:

Why not use Tough Mudder for team building?

This idea is so genius because the run itself is only the final event. The team building starts weeks earlier with you preparation as a team.

Since everybody knows that your team can only be as strong as its weakest link, motivation is high. The strong will support the weak, and the weak will work hard to not disappoint anyone. That makes conquering one’s weaker self much easier.

With that experience, your team can easily accomplish their other goals: Stop smoking, lose a few pounds, etc.

During the race, your team has to stick together. Laughing and suffering together will make everybody close. Even if your started the race as a group, you’ll finish as a team. The next time your team members meet at the office or at the club facilities, they’ll have a much better relationship.

Needless to mention that the video you recorded will be a big hit at the Christmas party. What a blast!

Tough Mudder is a perfect team building opportunity for companies and clubs
Going through Tough Mudder hell creates a life-long bond.

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