Warm up before Tough Mudder

- Mudder Guide: Chapter 5.5 -

About 20 minutes prior to the start, there’s a collective warm up that will fire up your mind and warm up your muscles.

Make sure to participate in the warm up. When starting the race with cold muscles, you’ll risk pulling a muscle or sustaining other injuries.

Tough Mudder: The participants break sweat before the start
Before the start everyone is full of adrenaline

The warm up is easily enough to get you ready. There’s no need to warm up on your own. That only makes sense if you want to try the practice obstacles. If you attack JUST THE TIP without proper warm up, you risk making a wrong move.

We’re not trying to pussy you or over-dramatize the risk, but it’d be a shame if you’d waste all the hard training by injuring yourself right before the race.

If you should get injured during Tough Mudder, make sure you have at least a heroic tale to tell, and not a sad story about how you didn’t warm up properly!

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