Training & Preparation

Tough Mudder Training & Preparation

To make your Tough Mudder an adventure and not a disaster, you need to prepare thoroughly.

If you want to benefit from our extended Tough Mudder experiences, we strongly recommend joining our “Unleash the Mudder within you!” training program for free!

Unleash the Mudder within you!

If you only want to get an overview, then you can find here a lot of valuable tips:

2.1 Tough Mudder Obstacles – The Ultimate Guide

Tough Mudder Obstacles

In our Ultimate Tough Mudder Obstacle Guide we present you the toughest obstacles of Tough Mudder, and give you valuable tips on how to prepare for and overcome them.

2.2 Tough Mudder Training & Preparation – Tips for Your Workout

Tough Mudder Training Tips

In this section, we explain the bodily constitution you need to participate at Tough Mudder, how much time you need according to your fitness level, and why you should do yourself a favor and get your ass off the couch during the preparation phase!

We’ll show you how you can acquire the necessary strength and endurance.

Regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman, an athlete or a couch potato – we get you ready! 🙂

2.3 Tough Mudder Team Preparation

Preparing your team for Tough Mudder

Here you’ll find ideas on how to prepare as a team and keep the motivation high. This way, you’ll not only train your physique, you’ll also strengthen your team spirit!

Tough enough for muddy whispers?!

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