Mudder Guide sees the light of day is online

Dear mudder,

Hopefully, today is the beginning of something great – after four months of intense work, Mudder Guide, the biggest information portal about Tough Mudder, is now online!

How did you get the idea for Mudder Guide and what are your goals?

Before our first Tough Mudder, we were on our own when it came to finding the right workout plan, running shoes, etc. We found an article here or there, but none of them were substantial or satisfying.

Luckily, we were passionate athletes and had quite a lot of training experience (which didn’t stop us from making a few little mistakes ourselves). We can only imagine how lost a complete novice would feel.

Our first try to record our run with a GoPro resulted in a medium-sized disaster, too: The battery failed us early. With the right knowledge, all of this could have been avoided.

Tough Mudder: knowledge is power!
We tell you how to prepare for Tough Mudder!

We quickly realized that thousands of people all over the world were facing a similar problem. Probably, a lack of knowledge stopped many of them from starting at Tough Mudder themselves.

At the same time, we are convinced that everybody can conquer Tough Mudder with the right preparation and training tips. Mudder Guide wants to provide you with the information you need.

In our guide we serve you all the necessary information on a plate – all have to do yourself is get your ass from the couch.

That’s not all…

You probably know that feeling: When you are completely engaged in something, the ideas just keep coming.

Unfortunately, most people don’t act on these ideas because they rather dream than do. As real mudders, we put our ideas into action.

Somewhere around the late summer, we will therefore present you professional training plans and videos for all skill levels. The best thing about it: The entire service will be completely free!

Working out: It's important to keep motivation high
Our training videos will be amazing!

Additionally, we will start as many Tough Mudders as possible all over Europe to keep you up to date on the newest developments and obstacles.

Soon, we will also have interesting interviews, contest, and much more; and we will make sure to follow your request.

How can you support us?

You like what Mudder Guide has to offer and found helpful information? Then tell your friends about us, share our articles on social networks, blog about us, etc. The more people know about Mudder Guide, the more we can do for you.

Follow Mudder on Facebook and Twitter
Tell your friends about!

Constructive feedback is very important for Mudder Guide’s development, too. Just tell us what you’d like us to do, alert us to mistakes, or discuss your point of view if you disagree with something we said.

We’re looking forward to your and your comment in the news.

On that note – have fun with Mudder Guide!

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