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"I signed up for the Tough Mudder and then thought to myself... Oh FUCK! How on earth should I manage THAT? But thanks to the training plans of Unleash the Mudder within you! I actually did it and still use all the tips and plans now – after all, I want to preserve the Mudder within me!"

Eva J.

Marc H.

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"Signing up for my first Tough Mudder at the age of 49 was quite a spontaneous idea. Even though, I still wanted to be perfectly prepared. Unleash the Mudder within you! was exactly what I was looking for. This training program is effective, entertaining and you can do it where ever you are. They transform you into a real Mudder. Hooraah :)"

For our team of six, Unleash the Mudder within you! was a great help. Everybody did the Hulk Workouts on their own, but comparing ourselves daily was the ideal motivation to keep going and push yourself even further. The Flash Workouts and the Mudder Checkpoints we completed together. At the end of the training, I was in the shape of my life."

Corinna V.

"When training for my first Tough Mudder, Unleash the Mudder within you! was the best all-round carefree package I could have hoped for. But watch out: this is where your comfort zone ends and it gets tough – but that is what makes it awesome. The guys bring you in shape, motivate you and it's actually quite fun, too."

Daniel S.

Bianca W.

After signing up for Tough Mudder, I had no idea how to get ready. While looking for a training program and a few tips, I came across Unleash the Mudder within you! And these guys changed my life! The motivation was outstanding, the program (free!!!) got me well prepared and no kidding, I'm now 100% fitter than last year!"

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