We prepare you for Tough Mudder step by step!

We would have given EVERYTHING for such help before our first Tough Mudder
Unleash the Mudder within you! Features:
High quality exercise videos to train to
Workouts fitted to your personal fitness level
Modular structure for anytime modification
Motivational content, you won't find anywhere else
Fun video content to keep you entertained at all times.
Why have so many Mudders chosen Mudder Guide as their main source of preparation?

The answer is easy... we regularly like to hit the mud as well. We know EXACTLY what you need for Tough Mudder.

No need for you to make the same mistakes that we've made!

12x Tough Mudder
3x Tough Mudder
10x Tough Mudder
6x Tough Mudder
7x Tough Mudder

Total number of single

Tough Mudder participations:

Unleash the Mudder within you! not only provides workouts according to your fitness level but also gender specific content... How cool's that?!

How to join Unleash the Mudder within you!


Choose a Tough Mudder event, which you want to train for!


Choose the 8-,12- or 16-week training program according to your current fitness level.


Depending on your decision we unlock your program 8, 12 or 16 weeks prior your Tough Mudder event. Time to go in and win!

8 weeks

You only want to join a Tough Mudder Half?

In that case, we have a shortened version of our program for you, too.

16 weeks

Tough Mudder seems as unreachable as a PhD for Homer Simpson?

Don't worry, we will make your dream come true!

12 weeks

You are no sport addict but by far no hopeless case either?

We will help you to get in your best shape!

8 weeks

You are quite athletic but you're missing this last bit of fine-tuning to be Tough Mudder ready?

We will make you sweat!


How is Unleash the Mudder within you! structured?

Coach Michael unleashed his inner Mudder long time ago. Check out what he has in store for you now...
Our Unleash the Mudder within you! PDF broschure gives you a good overview on what to expect from this program.

It's called Mudder Bootcamp for a good reason...

...we turn boys into men and little girls into amazons!
Hulk Workout

In the course of the Hulk Workout you complete a circuit training once a week. This will help you building up the needed strength for a Tough Mudder. Every fortnight we intensify the workout to push you to your limits and thus towards your top form!

Great news:
You can work out one on one with Coach Michael! Only press play and he finishes the circuit together with you to fitting music.

The Flash Workout & Mudder Workout

Strength alone will not get you through a Tough Mudder. That's why we will get your legs moving. In the course of The Flash Workout (typical running sessions) you will be building the necessary stanima.

During the Mudder Workout sessions we introduce you to interval runs and hill climbs and make you ready for the climbing obstacles.

Regular Mudder Checkpoints will help you with tracking your progress.

Tough Mudder: Before getting the finisher headband, you have to survive the electro shocks at ELECTROSHOCK THERAPY
Mudder Homework & Mudder Extras

Some push-ups and pull-ups once in a while, in the course of the Mudder Homework, are good for you and will help you smashing even the toughest obstacles at Tough Mudder.

If you can't get enough, you'll find more stuff (eg. outdoor and partner exercises) in the Mudder Extras section, to incorporate into your workout.


That's cool, BUT... what if I lack the discipline to stay with the program for several weeks?
No worries, we from Mudder Guide thought it all through! Our Muddervation is just as important as the workouts, because it's mental grit that gets you through a  Tough Mudder, not strength alone!

Mudder Lections

In 8 Mudder Lections you'll learn why there is a Mudder within all of us, what defines a Mudder, how they act in everyday life and much more - time to step out of your comfort zone!

Mudder Videos

Only for you we have searched the web and basically all of YouTube to be able to supply you gradually with 32 Mudder Videos bit by bit. About a third even being gender specific.

Mudder Heroes

Look forward to 8 unbelievable stories from true Mudder Heroes, who show us in astonishing ways how real heroes cope with setbacks in their lives and how insignificant our problems really are. Goosebump alert!
Want a little example?
Check out this one piece of our Muddervation... 47 more waiting for you!

Mudder Fun

As you probably know, Tough Mudder is not always
the most serious place to be...
...no worries, Unleash the Mudder within you! isn't either ;-)

What's waiting for you?

Who trains hard should definitely have a good laugh, too.

Fortunately, we have just the right guy on board for this job. Our fun master Basti!

He'll leave you in a laughing fit with his 8 self-made fun videos, which you will get to know in the Mudder Fun section.

Thanks to Mudder Guide you will also be prepared for the mandatory finisher beer...

Unleash the Mudder within you! gives you all you need in the amount of time you need to be perfectly prepared for your Tough Mudder. And that for free!
So all there is left for you to do is just going out there and actually do it! No excuses!

Frequently asked questions about
Unleash the Mudder within you!

It’s completely free? Are you kidding me? What’s the catch?

There is no catch. Unleash the Mudder within you! is 100% free, and there are no hidden fees!

We finance this site by donations and by the provisions we make by selling products. That won’t make us rich, but we hope to cover our costs by the end of 2016.

When can I start training and what do I need for it?

Depending on your skill level, your training program will be available 8, 12 or 16 weeks before your selected Tough Mudder.

This way, we can always get you the info you need at the right time and get you ready to the point! However, you have to be patient ;-)

I don’t know which skill level is right for me. Which should I choose?

Shorter programs require a better starting fitness. If in doubt, pick the longer program.

To start with intermediate (12 weeks), you should at least be able to run 2 to 3 miles at a moderate speed, do 20 push-ups (girls can do them on their knees), and do one pull-up (girls with assistance).

To start on expert (8 weeks) you should be able to complete a 6-mile run, 40 push-ups, and 5 pull-ups.

I’m completely unathletic. How the heck do you want to get me ready for Tough Mudder?

Let’s put it this way – if we can’t get you ready for Tough Mudder, nobody can!

As long as you’re no 600 pound behemoth and as long as you stick with Unleash the Mudder within you!, we’ll get you ready.

Just accept the challenge – as you know, you’ll miss all the shots you never take!

If you are dealing with health issues, ask your doctor if you are healthy enough for Tough Mudder.

How much time do I have to invest every week for Unleash the Mudder within you!?

During the Mudder Bootcamp, you will do three short workouts a week and your Mudder Homework.

Overall, this will only take 1.5 to 2.5 hours out of your week – and leave you with 165.5 hours to spend as you like ;-)

Muddervation and Mudder Fun will also take a little of your time, but since you can let these things wash over you, that hardly deserves to be called work.

What’s the difference between workout plans for men and women?

Regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman - Tough Mudder requires you to conquer 12 miles of mud and over 20 obstacles!

Therefore, the Mudder Bootcamps for men and women only differ in the requirements for push-ups and pull-ups.

In our Mudder Videos, we have tailored about one third of the motivational videos to a specific sex.

Which equipment do I need for Unleash the Mudder within you!?

For our Mudder Bootcamp, you neither need to be a gym member nor have special equipment.

We use a gym ball for some exercises, but you can easily replace it with a laundry hamper.

If you want to buy some training equipment, our Mudder Stuff section provides you with everything you need.

What if Unleash the Mudder within you! is too easy for me?

Well, let’s see about that! :D

But honestly: of course you can do workouts twice, or run longer, etc.

To keep you entertained, our Mudder Extras provide you with additional exercises to spice up your workout, for example hardcore push-ups, outdoor exercises and partner exercises, etc.

I already work out every week – can I combine my regular schedule with the Mudder Bootcamp?

Don’t worry – Unleash the Mudder within you! uses a modular concept and is super flexible.

If you hit the gym regularly, for example, you already do your strength workout there.

Therefore, just leave out the Hulk Workout and replace it with another The Flash Workout.

As an endurance athlete, apply the same principle in reverse.

Adjust your training to your needs. If you should be completely unsure, , and we’ll find a solution that works for you.

We want to practice as a team, but we start with different skill levels – what should we do?

Don’t worry, we from Mudder Guide thought of everything!

Our Mudder Bootcamp is a modular 16-week program. If you start on intermediate, you enter the program on week 5; and if you start as advanced, you start in week 9.

Other than that, the only difference is when we unlock the Muddervation and Mudder Fun content.

After a few weeks, you can work out together. Nonetheless, in the spirit of teamwork, we recommend that you all start training together and that the stronger team members help the weaker members with their Mudder Transformation.

I already ran a Tough Mudder – do I need Unleash the Mudder within you!?


You have to get back in form. And why work without a plan, if you work out live with the structured workout from our Coach Michael?

Additionally, Unleash the Mudder within you! can help you improve your results on the track and at the obstacles.

Simply take what you need and tailor the rest to your needs – after all, you already have some experience!

I need an excuse why Unleash the Mudder within you! is not for me. Do you know one?

Well… We’re pretty creative, but we’re not that creative.

Unleash the Mudder within you! is completely free, tailored to your skill level, and full of motivation. Additionally, we always support you when you need it.

Why the heck would anybody decline such an offer?

Hmm, I still have a question – what now?

Just ask us, we don’t bite! :-)

Send us an email to , and we get back to you as quickly as possible.

Since Unleash the Mudder within you! is 100% free, you can only win anyway.

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