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Background info

Firstly, the short version:

  • • one-time and directly classifiable spendings were at about 8000 €.
  • • the annual running costs and directly classifiable spendings are somewhere in the four-digit area.
  • • Besides there are annual indirect costs which are not to be underestimated.
  • • If we wouldn't have done most of the work by ourselves but outsourced it, the total production costs would be at around 60.000 €.

About the one-time and directy classifiable spendings

  • Coach Michael's living room was transformed into a production studio.
  • All videos had to be professionally produced within two days and had to be cut and edited afterwards.
  • Professional sound recording was necessary
  • Photo shooting for our camapaign
  • Due to time management we had to outsource some of the translations to a translator.
  • Some photos were licensed and had to be bought.

Annual running costs and directly classifiable spendings

  • Training videos have to be hosted with costs.
  • With every new user there is a minimum raise in costs for our newsletter provider.
  • Such a project which involves costs, can't be produced for a few people only. So advertising e.g. on facebook is another spending area.
  • Even if they are no direct costs, maintenance, error fixing and support for our program is a constant job.

Extra indirect costs

Of course the page itself has to be hosted etc., but that doesn't make such a big difference.

If you don't want to sit on the costs, you have to start to get an income out of it. In Germany this means you have to register as a business.

Which means, they also want money from you:

  • tax consultant
  • notary/lawyer
  • IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce)
  • bank
  • insurances
  • government
  • etc.

Personal contributions

Well firstly, we are a group of enthusiasts, but having a closer look we are also a team of highly qualified specialists.

If it weren't for our great project managers, IT, graphic designers, online marketing specialists, athletes and english-hotshots, Unleash the Mudder within you! would probably not have been affordable for us!

Because we stand by our word.

Although Unleash the Mudder within you! became way larger than initially planned, we've said in the beginning that we won't take money from our loyal fans.

Participating in a Tough Mudder isn't really cheap and we most definitely didn't want to make the burden any bigger.

For us, sport is one of the greatest things out there and we take pride in bringing the fascination of sports closer to so many people.

We don't want to spread social romanticism around here but if more people would think about how they could do something good for their community, the world would be a better place.

Also we know the Mudder community too well, so we are sure that offering this program won't be exploited shamefully. We are positive that, one way or another, many will give something back so that we will be able to cover the expenses.

Be certain, we don't get bored. We always thrive for perfection and keep getting new crazy ideas.

We are thinking about launching an Unleash the Mudder within you! app and we want to make it possible for our users to connect with each other.

Realizing these and other ideas depend on how well our program is being adopted and how our earnings develop. Most definitely these ideas can't be financed by our petty cash.


Support opportunities

We've collected a bunch of Tough Mudder suitable shoes, clothes, training equipment etc. in our Mudder Stuff section

If you click on these links, you'll get to Amazon for example, and a cookie will be activated. If you buy something within the next 24 hours from the same device, we will receive a 4-10% provision, depending on the monthly number of shipped items

This way we don't have to throw tons of ads at you, can recommend products, which we use ourselves, and still cover some of our expenses. Great, huh?

If you have to get new stuff for your Tough Mudder anyways, we would appreciate it very much, if you would pay our Mudder Stuff section a visit.

Just to be clear:

If you click on a link for a pair of shoes, but end up buying something else (e.g. the newest season of Breaking Bad), we still get a provision.

So even when you are not looking for anything Tough Mudder related but for a birthday or xmas gift, you can still support us without even paying an extra cent

Thank you in advance!

Oh yeah, a little note at the end: Even if you only want to help, don't do this every time you order something on Amazon. If you do, they'll start cutting our provision at some point.

You can make a donation via our partner FastSpring.

Even though we are thankful for every dollar, we don't want you to overextend yourself on a donation. Only donate whatever Unleash the Mudder within you! is worth to you and what doesn't hurt too much by the end of the month.

Support isn't all about the money. Tell your friends about us, share our facebook posts, mention us in your blog, send us feedback, etc.

The more well-known we are, the more people we can help to unleash the Mudder within them!

Thank you in advance!